20. London to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways ($36,000)

Passengers that choose to take the elite of all air cabins will choose the Residence of Etihad airlines as their pick. This multi-room cabin comes with a butler service and all the way from when you enter the airport you are surrounded by attendants and receiving as much attention as you can handle. The cabins include a living room, double bedroom, and a shower room.

19. L.A to Melbourne with QANTAS ($13,000)

Here are 4 things that separate QANTAS’s first class

  • Space – Qantas “pods” are about 4 economy seats wide
  • Goodies – You get pajamas and an amenities bag
  • Privacy – Pop up the screen to block yourself from other passengers
  • Community – If you want to eat with a companion they can sit down with you on your extra seat

18. New York to Hong Kong with Korean Air ($14,000)

Flying Koreanair’s new flaghsip first class cabin was a bit underwhelming. Compared to some other asian airline first class cabin the amount of polish was lacking. Although the tones of blue were nice and was calming the pods were not as private and could be reasonably compared to the business class cabins.

17. Los Angeles to Seoul with Asiana Air ($14,000)

Asiana first class suites are very ulitarian in appearance, but provide an added level of privacy in return. Also the suite is very roomy and has ample room for stretching. Other standout features include a closet within your own suite and a huge 32″ TV screen.