One man loved history so much, he decided to live it. But no decade spoke to him quite like the 1940s. So he decided he would recreate the 40s as much as he could in his own home. And now, he lives every day like it is 1946 and he is the envy of everyone in his neighborhood.

While not many people imagine living every day like it is in the 1940s, for as long as he could remember that was Ben Sansum’s dream. Because he lives such an extraordinary life, BBC News asked Ben if they could interview him and get a tour of his unique home. He obliged and the resulting video is included for your viewing pleasure below.

Welcome back to 1946. No time travel required…

Ben resides in his home in Cambridgeshire, England and it is like a time capsule from 1946. His abode is full of old-fashioned things for a lifestyle fresh out of the Greatest Generation’s memory book.

Ben’s interest in the 1940s started when he was just a little boy. And as his love for history grew, he knew that he wanted to recreate the decade he fell in love with.

“I guess I was always the funny boy at school who had this strange interest,” Ben told BBC. “Gradually as I grew older, I loved the music, the cars, and the fashion.”
More than anything, Ben says he loves the “community spirit” of the 1940s. And he has designed his vintage home with little reminders as a way to honor his family.

Although Ben is 35-years-old now, he is still as fascinated with the 1940s as he ever was.
“My parents probably thought I would grow out of it but I will always live like this now. I will never grow out of it and I should probably die living like this. But that’s fine because I’m ensuring that their way of life isn’t forgotten.”

“And the heart of the house is really the Victorian range,” Ben says. “1890s, fully restored, every nut and bolt, working perfectly…Endless supply of hot water. And great fun. But hard work. The backend of the range, every day, is filthy.”

Although Ben lives in a 1940s-style household, he actually lives a very modern life. He has a career as a flight attendant and jets off all over the world serving passengers midflight. But after he is finished working, he can always come back home to the comfort of the 1940s.

“One of my favorite parts about the house is the location. The view outside this window hasn’t changed for perhaps a thousand years being the old town church. Except for perhaps the modern traffic and can’t do too much about that.”