YouTube is one of the famous social media networks wherein more and more individuals are encouraged to share their videos, watch latest video trends and more. Regardless of age, almost all use YouTube in order to kill their boredom since people are allowed to listen to music and watch videos here however you will surely be shocked how these 5 youtubers turned into killers. Everyone has been shocked when they knew about these youtubers who have been convicted because of killing innocent individuals. Below are the 5 youtubers turned killers:

  1. Trey Eric Sesler

Trey Eric Sesler is 22 years of age who styled and called himself as “Mr. Anime” due to his movie reviews in YouTube and he also used to discuss about video games, guns and anime. He is now in jail as he has been accused of killing his brother and his parent through the use of high-powered rifle. He was sentenced life in prison without any chance of getting an appeal or parole. The murders done by Trey Eric Sesler have been discovered Tuesday in Waller. The police officers have found the bodies of the killed parents, identified as Rhonda Wyse Sesler and Lawton Ray Sesler, together with his oldest son known as Mark Alan Sesler in this small town.

  1. Anthony Powell & Asia Mcgowen

Anthony Powell known as “the man Dearborn police” is believed to be the man who killed a young black woman known as Asia McGowan, a 20-year old student, Friday, in a college classroom before killing himself, too. Before this incident, it has been found out that Anthony Powell has posted hateful and horrible videos on YouTube, wherein he railed and criticized those who believe in the theory of evolution and against black women. This YouTuber even said that “Black Women Don’t Deserve Respect”.

  1. Pekka-Eric Auvinen

Also known as YouTube Killer, Pekka-Eric Auvinen is the one responsible for the massacre held at the Jokela high school. Aside from this, he also killed a total of 8 people and 10 individuals have been found injured because of shooting the school. This gunman also shot his dead and died later because of the wounds and injuries he got from attacking the school. Pekka-Eric Auvinen is believed to be a bright student with great interest in history but since he was in elementary, he has been bullied and hit with pellet guns.

  1. Jared Lee Loughner

It was January 8, 2011, when Jared Lee Loughner went to Tucson grocery store with the plan of killing Gabrielle Giffords. At that time, the Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is conducting her meet-and-greet event and Jared Lee Loughner showed up armed with Glock pistol, which he purchased legally on November 2010. He then preceded a total of 31 shots within 30 seconds. This firing lead into the death of 6 people and 13 injured individuals.

  1. Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger has injured 14 individuals and 6 people in Isla Vista, California before getting his life back. The attack started when this 22-year old man stabbed 3 men to death and later on followed by shooting 3 female students in the sorority house, wherein 2 have been killed. When he drove near deli, Elliot Rodger also shot a male student to death, the drove going to Isla Vista, in which he shot and wounded pedestrians and stroked others through his car.