Living in Manhattan is expensive. In fact, Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire world!

One woman, Felice Cohen, wanted to live in the Big Apple, but didn’t have big bucks to go along with it, so she got a micro-studio.

What is a micro-studio? Exactly what it sounds like. Felice lives in perhaps one of the smallest apartments I have ever seen, and she loves it.

Nested on the Upper West side, Felice rents out a 12 by 7 foot apartment, not much bigger than the side of a child’s bedroom.

The space may seem small, but Felice is nearby everything she could want, so there is not much need to spend all her time at home. Being on the Upper West side, Felice is a walking distance away from Central Park, the Lincoln Center, all the restaurants she could ever want to visit, along with the train station.

Despite the cramped space, Felice still pays $700/month to take up residence in her tiny room, but she definitely makes the most of it!

Felice is also a professional organizer, so she really knows how to optimize space. With her lofted bed and neatly arranged living space, Felice is able to fit everything she could need in her apartment, along with extra space to do her artwork.