Over the last few years treasure hunts became really popular hobby. They’re cheap, fun, exciting, and there’s always a chance to win a jackpot. Sure, just like in the lottery, most of the times you get nothing, but once you hit the jackpot all time and effort pay off. There is almost nothing as exciting as opening a long forgotten box, building or an old door.

Not all treasure hunts are the same. Some people are looking for retro or vintage items, some other are looking for long forgotten memories, and the one you’re about to see is about finding cars. In automotive world when someone makes the amazing discovery in a treasure hunt it’s called a barn find. And it doesn’t matter if the vehicle was found in barn or not, it can be in any kind of a building, like in this case, an old and long forgotten storage unit. Also, treasure hunts are not necessarily about wandering around and finding abandoned buildings and lost items. They’re often blind and quick purchases for as little money as possible and hoping for the best.

In this story, Steve Cipriani wanted to challenge his luck so he bought a long forgotten storage container. Once he opened it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. His find was just like winning the jackpot.

A 1974 DeTomaso Pantera.