With the generation of baby boomers reaching the senior years and beyond, there is an influx of nursing homes and senior care facilities sprouting up all over the country. Senior living apartments, assisted living and high-end care facilities can’t seem to get built fast enough to keep up with the growing elderly population.

The decision to move into senior living and elderly care isn’t always an easy one and can leave family members feeling guilty for placing their loved ones in an impersonal living situation. And it’s not always easy to add a guest to a house that is already filled with a full family of four. Elderly care is often accompanied by various tools and equipment that allow for easier living and with today’s medical advancements there seems to be a tool for everything.

But MedCottage may be an easier solution to this situation. The 300-600 square foot pod, is designed to house a person in need of care and it its convenient structure allows it to be easily moved onto a caregivers property. They are equipped for both rehabilitation needs and extended care. The pod is placed on the property of the care giver who will be doing the tending and all utilities in the pod can be hooked up to existing utilities of the main home of the care giver.

While the pods see more than ideal and convenient for both the care giver and the elderly resident, they do come at a cost, ranging anywhere from $39,000.00 to $62,000.00. A jump in square footage comes along with the bump in price.

Pods may not be the best word for describing the living facility, as they appear to be much more homey than a bland storage pod. As you’ll see in the video below, the outside is similar to a very small and tidy home. The living space is complete with countertops, cabinets and kitchen appliances, including a pill dispenser for the various pills that go along with age.

The designers even made it a point to ensure safety features were a priority. Floor-safety illumination lighting and motion sensors allow for easy night time movement from one room into the other and a track is affixed to the ceiling for lift and mobilization needs. The pod is also equipped with a blood pressure monitor for daily checks and a heating and cooling system is in place and operative in all weather environments.

The designers added an exterior camera and security system to ensure adequate safety when the care giver cannot be home or available. A shower emergency pull chord is attached to the bathroom wall in the event that an emergency arises along with a collapsible ADA compliant shower seat and hand rails for guidance into and out of the shower. To ensure efficient communication, an intercom system is installed on the living area wall and a hospital bed is in place to ensure extreme comfort and rest for the family member.