Inspired to make a change in her bedroom, YouTuber Elsa Rhae looked at the wall and knew that was wear she had to start. The brown color was disgusting and she really wanted it to be a place she and her husband could be proud to lay their heads at night.

As soon as he left for work, Elsa got out of bed and ran to his cabinet to grab a roll of 3.4-inch painters tape. Then she started ripping pieces off and putting them all over the wall. By the end of the 90-second clip, she’s done something that made her husband’s jaw hit the floor.

While she got to work in her bedroom, Elsa set up a camera in the corner to capture exactly what she was doing. This was a good idea because no millions of people have gotten to see her creation and get inspired to do something similar in their homes.

“I decided to decorate my room using some tape. My husband loves it. What’s your opinion?”
She originally shared the tutorial on her YouTube page but it has since been picked up by 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook where it has gotten an additional 20 million views.

Here’s what she said to describe the original video on her YouTube channel.

“I have painted another wall. This time I have gone with a geometric style. I used a ton of tape and a ton of paint. And I’ve put it together in a DIY for you.”

The geometric shape she is working with is one she originally found on Reddit, the social sharing site. At the 40-second mark in the video below, Elsa Rhae demonstrates how you too can doodle this cool shape in your spare time.

She wanted the fan shape, so she put another square next to the first one and kept the pattern going by working in the opposite direction.

“I like designs that look really complicated but are actually really simple.”
Elsa spent a few hours taping the shapes on her bedroom wall which isn’t so bad considering the complexity of it all.

Watch how she painted everything at the 2-minute mark. She let it dry for 24-hours and removed the tape to reveal the finished project.

“I used latex wall paint and I let it dry over-night. I know it’s better to pull tape when it’s wet but the painting process took a long time and it was inevitable it was going to dry!”