When you think of a farm, you probably think of a place where people live off the land. Where the animals roam free and there are acres upon acres of landing stretching out as far as the eye can see. And that often means the latest technology or high-tech gadgets is not as common.

While farm folk certainly have their iPhones, iPads, Androids, and every other kind of device while working on their farm, sometimes the old fashion tool and tricks of the trade win out over the newfangled products and widgets.

But for this farmhouse, they’ve figured out a unique solution to enter and exit their property. Although it may seem technologically advanced, it actually uses just a simple system in a creative and ingenious way.

Check out the quick video to see it for yourself.

While undoubtedly a good idea, the fence swings upward when the car approaches. How does it work? Well, when the car drives up onto the elevated platform, it presses it downwards. This in turn lifts the wooden gate up. And when the car leaves the platform, the gate goes back down. Quite simple. And completely ingenious.

The bottom platform is a spring-loaded cattle guard which has long been used to keep those wandering cows from leaving.

Cattle guards keep cows and other livestock from leaving the property. They work because several bars are set a few inches apart which prevents the animals from getting sure footing.

By using a simple lever system, this farmer has figured out a surefire way to keep his farm animals inside the gates while allowing vehicles to easily enter and exit the property.

Because cows and sheep are apt to wander about wherever they can, fences and trenches are simple methods to keep animals within their pasture. Otherwise the livestock will start to disappear like it did back in the 1920s in Utah. But that wasn’t for lack of trying. No. That was a whole other story with a very interesting ending.

Besides having a gate that swings up and down as they approach, the ranchers who originally filmed this 13-second video clip, no longer need to leave the car to open the farm house gate. They simply drive up and the car’s weight does all the work for them. No cow or sheep is going to be able to figure out this mechanism. Plus, if they get close enough, they’ll freak out and quit right there and then.