Julia Tarbes decided to eat nothing but bananas for 12 consecutive days. As a nutritionist and motivational coach, she is aware that bananas have enough calories to get her through the day. Despite the caloric content, this yellow fruit has fructose, glucose, sucrose and fiber. Such combination of nutrients creates a feeling of fullness that can last longer than other fruits.


Even if sole nutrition cannot be recommended, Julia’s body was able to accomplish this 12-day controlled diet without a negative impact. The first thing she felt is stomach relief and a more silent digestion.

Results of eating bananas alone for 12 days

The results made her feel like she has no stomach. The intestines are calm and there is no terrible longing for food. She is no longer stressed and felt like her body was very loose. She could easily focus on tasks at hand. Her days are very much productive. Julia said that she able to do all her obligations in a day unlike before.

Bananas- Julia

Before deciding to go on a banana diet, Julia suffered from digestive problems, high blood sugar levels, depression, hormonal imbalance and issues with getting pregnant. After eating only bananas for 12 days, her condition improved and had a healthy pregnancy. Although the benefits to her are great, she does not recommend this diet to anyone.

Eating bananas alone for 12 consecutive days won’t be good for people with thyroid problems. It may also result to lack of vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium that may lead to anemia in the long run. It is also dangerous for pregnant women, elderly and children. It is still best to consult a doctor or nutritionist before taking on a radical change in diet.