Fresh or frozen – what do you think is healthier?

There’s something in people’s genes that makes us believe things that are not necessarily right. These beliefs come from a far past, hundreds of years ago. And they might be right. Then, back in the past when there was no freezers, dishwashers, TVs and all other things that surround us today. But today, when we live in a world with technological wonders at every corner, they couldn’t be more wrong. And this video is just a perfect example of that.

We tend to think that fresh food is healthier and better for us. And it’s a logical choice. Something that’s kept in  freezer for months shouldn’t be better than a freshly picked produce. However, this video will prove you wrong.

According to the video, the quality of the produce is not affected by freezing it. Actually, frozen produce can be equal, or superior to fresh one in all terms – nutrient value, quality, shelf-life and cost.