The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire is about to make a cool change.

Modern car industry is making stunning progress every day. Cars are safer than ever, almost everything is automated, smart cars are nothing unusual, and soon we’ll probably have self-driving cars on the streets. It’s kinda mind blowing fact that humans developed such technology to replace horse carriages in just a bit more than one century. There is just one thing that always stays the same – wheels. We have them in all sizes with more than few types of tires, but besides that wheels haven’t changed since they were invented back in stone age. Now we have this Goodyear Eagle-360 concept.

Experts in Goodyear are well aware of the duct that there must be something better than wheels we know and are developing a completely new tire concept. Goodyear’s vision is to replace classic circle wheels with perfect spheres. This unique shape would allow an ultimate maneuverability, safety and connectivity for autonomous vehicles.

Sure, its still only an idea, but let’s hope this happens in a near future.