The federal government wants to give you free food, free housing and a job.

Sure, this sounds like an April Fools’ joke, but it’s not. This is the beginning of a very real invitation made by the federal government. All you have to do is say yes and you get to live an awesome free life with free food, free drink, free and completely furnished house and a job! Oh, and there’s no property taxes!

There’s just one catch and it’s a spooky one. Garnet, Montana, is the state’s most intact ghost town, and there are rumors that it’s actually haunted for real.

Garnet was initially named Mitchell and was established in 1895. It started with 10 buildings for miners within Granite County and it was originally a rich gold mining area. In its best days the town housed around 1,000 inhabitants, miners and their families. Then, in 1912 a fire broke out and destroyed half the town. It was never rebuilt and people who survived soon left.

Now the government is looking for volunteers who’d be willing to move there and turn this lovely but haunted ghost town into a tourist attraction. What do you think? Would you live there?