Born as Jennifer Sharder Lawrence, Jennifer was a simple girl born in Louisville Kentucky. She is one of the greatest American actors of today’s generation. There is no doubt that this young girl was on the scene of every show, movie, award shows as well as on the big screen. Jennifer already played on the biggest and greatest movies of her time that includes the film series of the Hunger Games wherein she plays the lead role of Katniss Everdeen that made her one of the best and highest-grossing action heroine film as of the year 2015.

Lawrence grew up in the beautiful and peaceful rural Kentucky wherein she lived 15 minutes away from the farmhouse at the same time fishing together with her brothers. Now, it is the time when the people of Kentucky create a “Hometown Hero” banner wherein it was revealed and highlighted to the west side of the Kentucky Center.

Some people are wondering why there are some banners of Jennifer everywhere. The story behind it is that there are various students of Oldham Middle as well as high School who referred themselves as the “Lawrence Ladies”. They are very proud of themselves to call them with their group name for the reason that they love the personality and the goodness of Jennifer Lawrence. Countless of J-Law’s fans are no doubt engaged with the acting of our hero. Some of them would say that Jennifer is a person that you can get inspiration from. In addition, even though she has her flaws, still she managed to handle it with integrity.

Back years later, the town people of Louisville is getting anxious why the face of their own pride’s face is not present on the downtown building just like what they know on other homegrown celebrity. Now, they already knew what to do given the fact that they are much honored to have Lawrence grown in their town. Thus, they started to turn the plan into reality on giving back to their huge start.

An 8th grader named Kuhn, who is one of the greatest fans of Lawrence, made it all. Therefore, by the time Khun was on her teenager, she already made the decision on how she can make it happen. Along with her friends and all other J-Law fans, they talk and discuss to the city and find for a price. They do all the effort starting from thinking out of doing a banner and how they can achieve the big fat cash for their idol. They start building their own GoFundMe page at the same time making use of the share button on each sort of social media. The group of girls really do their effort and work so hard to accomplish the plan. Thus, their time and dedication were paid off eventually.

To make it short, J Law was very happy and satisfied that the group of North Oldham Middle and High Schools push their very best to give her a decent and perspective idea of her personality in an honest and very beautiful manner.