These food magic tricks are so amazing I was blown away.

One of the most common lessons parents are trying to teach their kids during dinner times is that food is for eating and not for playing. Since we’re all grown ups now, we can forget about that for a few minutes and enjoy some wonderful and natural food magic tricks.

For example, you can create a beautiful art using only a glass of milk, some food coloring and dish soap. Add few drops of food coloring to the milk, dip a Q-tip into the dish soap and place it into the colorful milky mixture.

Or you can use bananas as a drawing canvas.

Eggs are pretty cool trick tools too! Did you know you can actually blow an egg away? Peel off the ends from a hard boiled egg and gently roll the egg on a flat surface. Blow through one end and the egg will pop right out!

Quite amazing, isn’t it?