It was widely spread in the news that there is existing liquid water. They found out that there is potential life-giving water that still flows across the ancient surface of the planet mars from time to time. According to what was said by the NASA scientists, there is a hope to a potential breakthrough in the search of life beyond the earth and travel in mars one day.

The curiosity striking among NASA’s mind about mars had led them to find out that liquid water can exist near the Martian surface. Mars is a planet that is said to be too cold for a liquid water to exist at the surface but because of the salts in the soil, it lowers the freezing point that allows the briny films to form. These findings resulted to a theory that dark streaks are seen on the features such as the crater walls that could be formed by the flowing water.

The dark streaks on slopes that are seen through the orbiting spacecraft have been thought as the product of the running water that sweeps from the Martian soil. The liquid water that the NASA has found out to exist in mars does not refer to rivers or oceans rather it refers to the recurring slope lineae that appears to be dribbling down the Mars’ steep slope just like the tears rolling gently unto someone’s cheek. They believe that the streaky formations are the products of the flowing water.

Although there is no further evidence about the life on mars still it does boost the hopes for the harsh landscape can offer some refuge for microbes to cling to the existence. Using an imager that aboard Mars Reconnaissance orbiter, the NASA researchers have confirmed that water exists and flows by just looking at the light waves, which returned from the seasonal dark splashes on the surface. Therefore, it has suspected and associated with liquid water.

It is still unclear and unproven where the inferred flowing water in mars comes from. Some of the theories would include melting subsurface ice, deliquescence or a liquid-water aquifer, which feeds the process. The discovery of what causes the specific phenomenon is still a mystery for the next round of investigation as what Mr. Michael Meyer said, a lad scientist form the NASA’s Mars Exploration Program.

Several findings about the existence of living water in mars is no longer new to people, since many years ago, some of the researcher have also presented an information about Mars having a water frozen in its thin atmosphere, at its poles, and tiny puddles, which appear to form at night on the surface.

This phenomenon has proven that there is a probability for Mars to be habitable by humans. However, it might take too much time, careful and intensive investigations, researches and studies in order to prove that Mars is worth living for. The liquid water on mars–be it a false interpretation or a fact that supports evidences, one thing is for sure, mars is giving human the hope of the place to live in.