Omelette fans, your life is about to change. This video will teach you how to make perfect, fluffy, evenly cooked omelettes without the mess or the muss. Your Sunday morning is about to get a whole lot better. And it works every time!

Here is the recipe:

Perfect Omelette Recipe

3 eggs
Splash of milk
Butter or non stick cooking spray
Your favorite omelette ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, ham, bacon, bell peppers, etc.
Shredded cheese

Spray or butter an oven safe pan (pan can withstand 350 degrees in the oven)
Scramble eggs in a bowl
Add small splash of milk and scramble it into the eggs.
Pour bowl of mixture into pan over medium flame.
Wait for base of egg to start solidifying and then add your diced ingredients.
Next top it off with shredded cheese.
Place frying pan in oven under browning wire or broiler flame for 1-2 minutes.
Remove once cheese is melted and slide onto plate.