For the love of cats, this man turns his beautiful house into an indoor cat playland.

Buying a new home is always a huge change, but when Peter Cohen purchased the Goleta, California house in 1988 he had no idea the change would be so big. The property came with two outdoor cats. However, one cat was killed and the other was badly injured after they were hit by cars. To help with recovery of the injured pet, Peter and his partner decided to adopt new cat from a local shelter. From that point, they just keep adopting cats and in no time they were sharing their beautiful home with 15 cats. The only logical thing to do when you live with 15 cats is to remodel a home to meet all cat’s needs. So they created this cat playland.

First he added an extra floor to what used to be a 1600-square-foot house. Then, to keep his rescue cats occupied, he constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his California home. Soon his home became an ultimate feline’s fantasy.