Even if you’re an urban creature, you have to admit that sometimes the lure of nature compels you. There is just something beautiful about a green pasture or a tree lined mountain or a beautiful red desert. Nature as it is truly is a beautiful sight to behold.

One couple, who was featured in this video, took living in nature to heart. They were tired of the skyscrapers and the bustling city streets and wanted something more in touch with the beating heart of the earth. Although their families thought they were crazy, they set out to make their dream a reality. And when they purchased a cliff side property out in the middle of nowhere Utah, Phil Houghton and his wife Barbara began burrowing through the sandstone rock until they managed to dig a home out of the cliff.

The Houghton family mountain home is located about 20 minutes outside of Monticello, Utah. Forged out of the sandstone cliff, their rustic, yet charming home is completely off the grid. That means they do not have to rely on society for electricity, plumbing, or any of the other necessities of modern life.

While you might think their home would be primitive, as you take the tour through video below, you’ll discover that their abode is anything but. It’s magnificent and a welcoming place for anyone – even the staunchest urbanite.

To get what they wanted, they blasted a wedge from the cliff. They were able to do this because Phil had acquired the proper knowledge from his work as a former miner.

And once their space was torn out of the earth, they designed an interior with three bedrooms. The space has 2,100 square feet and overlooks a gorgeous 52 acres of beautiful Montezuma Canyon.

Making Cliff Haven took years. Since it is so far from civilization, it wasn’t easy for Phil and Barbara to bring everything they wanted out to their home.

But as is life, things started to change for the Houghtons. Eventually, as they aged, they struggled to maintain the property and wanted to be closer to the creature comforts of city life. The decision to leave their incredible dwelling for another one was an extremely difficult one to make.

The home is perfect for a young family or couple looking to get away from it all. But it is still equipped with all the modern amenities you know and love, except when you’re out at Cliff Haven, you also get to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature that is rural Utah.

You can allow the gorgeous scenery to bathe you in delight as you just sit out in the sun looking out at the miles of open land before you.

For any adventurer with the inkling to go off the grid, you need to check out the video below. Not only will you get a tour inside Cliff Haven, you can get some ideas on how to make your dream a reality.