If you’re a camping fan, this will be a real treat for you. There is a new startup company from central Oregon, Nest Caravans and they have designed a camper that will let you travel the open road in style and luxury. If you think this is just one more of those expensive campers no real person can afford, you’re wrong. This one is lightweight and affordable!

Called “The Nest,” the trailer camper is made from lightweight materials like fiberglass, so it’s suitable for even the smallest cars. It is also meant to be an affordable entry level vehicle for the next generation of explorers.

On the inside, it very much resembles the cabin of a small sailboat, and is just about as efficient in its use of space. And the aesthetics are superb. Designed to appeal to a younger, urban crowd, the Nest has the feel of a modern apartment, with lots of hardwood, stainless steel, and natural light from its multiple windows, including a skylight. Says designer Robert Johans “Design is Everything.”

At sixteen feet, this camper has a two burner stove, sink, seating area that converts to a bed, and more space than some Brooklyn apartments. It also has plenty of storage for those long weekend trips to your local state park, but would be easily ready to handle the campgrounds at Yosemite and the Grand Canyon as well.

Airstream says that you can expect a few more changes to the Nest over the next few months as they are still working on the production version of the Nest, which will not hit the market until the summer of next year. They say they are working on the additions and refinements to make it the perfect getaway vehicle.

Until then, if you just can not wait to pack up and head out to the highways and byways, They do still offer their ever popular “Bambi” model camper. The Bambi went into production in nineteen sixty one, and has been a staple product for Airstream for decades. It sports the classic silver exterior and streamlined shape that has become identified with all Airstream vehicles, but also carries a much heavier load than the Nest, so the Bambi requires a pickup truck to tow it.

This thoroughly modern and updated version of the American summer road trip will be just the thing for those of us who need to wake up to the smell of pine cones and campfires, and the sound of raccoons rummaging through our garbage.