Check out the video to learn about all the amazing design aspects of this new pizza box. But besides all of that, it also doesn’t cost a dime more to manufacture it compared to a traditional pizza box. Amazing!

With more than 3 billion pizzas sold in the United States alone each year, and with more than 1 billion of those delivered, there are a lot of pizza boxes getting thrown out and cluttering up our landfills.

If more pizza companies started using the Green Box, not only would it have a better environmental impact, it would be better for the customer. Here’s how…
The Green Box is manufactured from 100 percent recycled cardboard. But as you’ll see, it is easy dissembled by the customer.

Instead of having to use additional paper plates or dishes, you can tear the Green Box along the perforated lines and use the pieces as plates.

But that is not all! While the top of the box becomes serving plates, the bottom breaks down into a convenient storage container for any leftover pizza.