All students are looking forward school lunch. No surprise, since that’s the best part of the school day. They take rest, have fun, play and catch up. But in Saitama, Japan school lunch is a completely different kind of fun.

This school is determined to prepare their students for life after the school. Because of that, their school lunch is not just a simple time off in the middle of a day, but it’s the full 45-minute educational period, same as math or reading. In order to get their lunch to the tables, students are required to prepare their meals from scratch.

They have a school farm where they grow their vegetables and fruits. Then they help in preparing the produce, and once the meals are ready they have to serve it to their fellows. They also do full cleanups after lunch.

Each step in the whole process is thoroughly planned to be educational, collaborative and fun. It’s no surprise that lunch is student’s favorite part of a day!