If you are a person who is extremely interested with the key persons in the real estate industry, you should have an idea about who Donald Trump is. This is primarily due to the fact that he is among the most influential real estate professionals in the United States of America. So you say that you want to know him deeper other than just knowing him as the main person behind New York’s 58-storey skyscraper – the Trump Tower? If you just said ‘yes’ to that, this article can help you a lot Read on and get to know Donald Trump better.

Donald Trump (Donald John Trump) is one of America’s most notable real estate developers. In addition to this, he is also a well-known author of business manuals and approaches, television personality, and a political candidate. Needless to say, almost every American and many other people from all around the world has known him as the owner of the Trump Tower. However, this is not the only thing that defines Donald Trump. Being the President and Chairman of “The Trump Organization” adds to his long list of countless achievements. He is also the founder of the “Trump Entertainment Resorts”.

Prior to becoming a well-respected real estate developer

Like any other successful industry leaders today, Donald Trump also started humbly but wisely. He is the 4th child of Frederick and Mary Trump, who have five children. As a young boy, Donald has been observed to have remarkable enthusiasm, energy, and assertiveness that really stood out among other children. Most of the time, his energetic attitude is negatively perceived. At the age of 13, young Donald Trump entered the military academy of New York. This is one of his parents’ ways to transform his energy into something mixed with discipline.

Being a truly standout person in almost everything that he does, no one got surprised upon learning that Donald did well in the academy. As a matter of fact, the young Trump had been the academy’s star athlete as well as a responsible student leader. After he graduated from the academy in 1964, he eventually entered the ‘Fordham University’. After two years, he was transferred to University of Pennsylvania’s ‘Wharton School of Finance’. In 1968, he graduated from this school with the degree in Economics.

As a Real Estate Developer

It was his father who strongly influenced Donald Trump to enter then world of real estate. In his college years, he would work in his father’s real estate company whenever there is available time such as during summer vacation. Eventually, he became the CEO of his father’s company, which he renamed to ‘Trump Organization’ in 1971. From there, the rest is history. He has been able to mark his name in the U.S. real estate as one of the finest developers. Eventually, he was able to establish the landmark that describes his brilliance, The Trump Tower.

Today, the name Donald Trump is highly respected not only in America’ real estate market but also across industries.