These 7 car hacks will absolutely help you.

Are you having problems with your car? No need to worry because these seven car hacks will be able to help you. Just by these easy steps and just by using these easy-to-grab things, your problems will be solved.

These are the seven car hacks in the video:

Organize your car trunk using a laundry basket. If you have many loose things scattered on your car’s trunk, better organize it using that basket. Organized is better than scattered, right?

Make a trash can using a cereal container. Now, you can have a trash can that won’t spill on your car.

Use a toothpaste in cleaning your headlights. Apply and scrub the headlight using the toothpaste in a circular motion. After applying, wipe the headlight using a damp cloth. You will see the shining difference in using toothpaste than using just soap and water.

Remove scuffs by using a toothpaste. All you have to do get a rag and out some amount on toothpaste in it. Wipe it in the scuffs in circular motion. See the results.

Restore your interior’s shininess with olive oil. Put some olive oil in a rag and in a circular motion, apply it on your interior. It also restored fogged glasses as well.

Create backseat pockets using a shoe organizer. Just zip-tie the shoe organizer to the headrest and you have already your backseat pockets ready.

Make a storage hammock with the use of a cargo net bungee. What you have to do is stretch the cargo net bungee hooks to the clothing handles, ceiling, and hooks.


Just as easy as that. Watch the video for instructions as to how you have to do these 7 life hacks. Enjoy!