girl on phoneYou know that sinking feeling you get when you make one small mistake that can have massive consequences? Like putting a poptart in the microwave with the metal wrapper still on or accidentally putting diesel in your car instead of unleaded? Hopefully neither of these things has actually happened to you (though one of both may or may not have happened to me- oops), but if not, you've still done something that caused you a world of pain and regret. And we all like to have a way of those. One of the most common occurrences that at least 99.9% of us have experienced if locking our keys in our car- the horrible tragedy that is likely to ruin all upcoming plans for the next 3 hours if another form of transportation is not quickly secured. Luckily- I have a life hack for you. You're welcome. 

The Usual

Let's be real. When we have lost our keys in the past, we get on our phones and start googling: "locksmith near me," "cheap and fast locksmith," "how do I know if I have AAA?" We're stuck calling various numbers asking how long it will take them to get to us and how much they charge. If you're lucky you had a "15 minutes and 20 bucks" guy, but most of us have not be blessed with this experience. Often times, they take twice as long as they say they will and charge you some extra fee you didn't know about. It can be a pretty shady deal, depending on where you are passing through. It really doesn't need to be that way anymore though. 

Your New Life Hack

247carlocksmiths is an amazing company where you can connect to a network of professional locksmiths all over the US. Their website is detailed and easy to use so you can learn about the specific services you need. They are open all day and night so you can count on help even on your way home at 3 in the morning. They have prices listed so there's no surprises there and best of all, they guarantee fast service- less than 20 minutes for emergencies. They can unlock your car quickly without doing any damage to it, and replace car keys and various kinds of remotes on the spot because they carry all of their tools with them. Go here: to read about the way they make their keys- it's seriously genius. And their prices are pretty great- only $25 for a simple lock out or a car key duplication, and most prices go up from there, but it's because they are doing some pretty technical programming right there on the spot. 

Do It

So keep this info in your back pocket for the time you encounter this all-to-common regrettable moment. If you want to know more about their sevices, you can inquire on their website for more details about services. They have great customer service and are ready to help you get through life a little more smoothly.