One small London apartment made a real mess on a real estate market recently. It’s a really small 10′ x 8′ apartment and there’s no tricks. It’s not one of those miraculous foldable apartments. has no secret rooms or special furniture and no one famous neither lived nor died in it. It’s literally what you see is what you get.

One reported went to check it out to try to find out what all that fuss is about and found nothing except a really tiny loft. When he tried to lay down, his body stretched over the whole apartment, leaving no room for arms. When he stood up and tried spreading his arms he found out that the apartment is actually smaller than his arm span. And when he checked the bathroom he realized it’s all in one – toilet is basically in a shower.

However, the apartment started a bidding war from more than few potential buyers. The original price of this apartment was $145,000. When owner realized that more than 100 people viewed it in a short time, the price quickly shot up. The bids kept coming and the highest price that was reached was $280,000. Since the bidding is still not over, investors expect the price to reach skyrocketing $500,000.

So why is everyone trying to buy this place you ask? It’s simple – the apartment is located in central London near the famed Harrods department store.

“I don’t care where it is located. It is not worth that price. It should be illegal to even try and sell it as an apartment,” one commenter said and I couldn’t agree more.