Bikes are known as superior transportation. They are eco friendly and extremely practical. Plus they make you feel good and help you stay healthy and in shape without too much effort. But if you live somewhere up north, with long snowbound winters and rainy and cold falls, chances are you can’t really enjoy your rides except for a few warmer months. That’s where the PodRide jumps in.

Swedish engineer Mikael Kjellman found a great solution for people who can’t enjoy their bike rides all year long. He took the best of cars and bikes and created a new vehicle, fun and practical bicycle-car. The prototype is called PodRide and you’ll be more than impressed with it.

This strange and fun vehicle weighs only 154 pounds. It is narrow enough for bike paths, but it has four wheels and the same height as any normal car. It can hit 15 miles per hour and has a really short turning radius for a four-wheels vehicle. There’s even storage space and hook for a bike trailer.

Besides being much narrower than a car, it looks exactly like any other four-wheeled vehicle and will protect you from cold, rain and snow. However, all windows including windshield can be put down so you can enjoy fresh air and nice weather.  And the best part is – as it acts like a bike, no special licenses or insurance are required in order to use it.