English inventor Matthew Liddiard has created a set of tires that allows any driver in any car to rotate their vehicle 360 degrees and move in all direction (even sideways).

You’re going to be mesmerized how this car can move seamlessly from side to side. It can maneuver with effortless elegance that reminds me of when Michael Jackson first introduced the moon walk. Remember how that blew everyone away. No we can moon walk with cars…

The tires can maneuver in any direction because they move perpendicular to the car’s body instead of parallel. This allows the car to seem like it is gliding.

But are these easy to get on my car?

Yes. The London inventor says they are omni-capable wheels and are a world first bolt-on application. They are supposedly very easy to use and require no modifications.

These magic wheels can be used in all weather and road conditions.

“They are stronger, faster, and more accurately controlled than prior art. They can take a beating,” he said.
They are called Liddiard wheels after the London inventor. They utilize 24,000 pounds of torque that’s applied directly to the wheels. This gives them incredible precision when moving.

Speed is also controlled by adjusting the gearing rations with a speed controller. Easy as pie.

Liddiard hopes he can sells his invention to a large tire company like Goodyear or Honda.
But why did he invent them?

“I just saw a need, and knew I could make something simpler and stronger,” he told The London Free Press.