This trick might not work on all cars, but it’s still worth remembering.

Leaving the keys locked inside a car is every driver’s nightmare. Of course it never happens in front of your own home and you more often than not don’t have a spare key anywhere near. That’s how Murphy’s law works.

Next time, instead of freaking out and calling for expensive help from a locksmith, remember this video. It will show you how to unlock your car in not more than 10 seconds. Yes, 10 seconds!

“Simply make a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace and pull the slipknot into the inside of the car through the corner crack between the car door and the car frame.

Pulling the shoelace from side to side, bring the slipknot down until it loops around the lock’s pull knob. Pull tightly, pull upwards, and voila–an unlocked car in less than a minute. Note: This method does not work for all vehicle makes and models.”