Geographically surrounded by Russia, People’s Republic of China, and South Korea, the Ohio-sized land is a communist republic in the Far East. This country is known locally and internationally as North Korea, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Korea DPR). It is governed by only one-party rule of tyrant Kim Jong-Un. Nationally, he has condemned his people to repression and poverty. In contemporary history, most of the Communist regimes are (were) less hardline compared to North Korea’s rule expect of Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, and Enver Hoxha. Mao Tse-tung’s dictatorship that lasted within 27 years basically provides significant distribution to the establishment of radical tyranny.

North Korea’s terrain is mostly mountains with plains and narrow alleys. The Daedong, Amnok, and Duman are its main rivers. The country is divided into nine provinces with Pyongyang as its capital and with estimated 21 million populations.

In terms of economy, the draconian regime left the nation as the poorest one in the Far East. Some region’s population under Kim Jong-Un has even below 40 life expectancy. Despite of the presence of some minerals, DPRK still suffers due to insufficient natural resources. Moreover, the country has not allowed the development of industries, roads, bridges, electricity, ports and airports and so the country’s population relies in subsistence-level of farming. And because of being a resource-poor country, DPRK is deeply dependent on the foreign aid. Likewise, the economy is financed by the remittances coming from emigrants who work in Japan and Middle East.

Poverty seemed to root from the Korea DPR regime pouring millions into the growth and development of weapons for mass destruction. Over the past 3 decades, food, nutrition, electricity and other living necessities have abruptly declined. And sadly, this situation seemed to worsen. In fact those poverty-ridden citizens have the lowest rate of use of health services, while the political elites enjoy a lavish lifestyle. This then result to a lower life expectancy of North Korean which is estimated to be half of what is before the Cold War.

In political terms, DPKR has never known to have experienced a period that is tyranny-free and is also seen as one of the world’s most secretive community. Furthermore, the country remains as one of few places which recognized Communist Party as the only lawful political party. Moreover, DPKR also is one of the enemies of digital prevalence and Internet.

Aside from the country’s poverty-ridden image, and a status of being a terrorist state, North Korea also delivers and supports sports. In fact the country developed athletic program under the sportive nationalism. In the recent decades, the country has generated competitors who won titles from major sport competition in the world of casinos.

North Korea is much known as an isolated country. Moreover, under the ruling of Kim Jong-Un, the country remains as a severely repressive nation around the world. All human basic freedom has been strictly restricted. The UN commission of Inquiry 2014 even found out that human right violation in the country is without parallel in the modern world. Despite of this, DPKR seemed to attract more and more visitors, which hopefully will open up to the world and allow better living for its citizens.