The militant group ISIS, or the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham has been a threat to many countries. Many people around the world fear the group and its members. It has been sad that it started u 2004. Back then, it was known as the Qaeda then after two years, it was named ISIS. The main goal of the group is to establish an independent state of Islam in Iraq. However, unlike the other militant groups, they are more brutal. In addition, they have been seizing and controlling territory. They wanted to create new governing structures as they rule on these territories. It has also seized Mosul and has been in control in most of the oil assets of Syria.

ISIS has been gradually rising. There were soldiers who were forced to leave their posts and some were even massacred. While it was considered a terrorist group at first, now they are called an army that is capable of administering territory. They govern with accordance with the Islamic law although in a harsh way. One of the news that shocked the world is when they have massacred humanitarian aid workers and foreign journalists. Although many have questioned their way of governing the territory, they have created a paper saying that improving the religion is far more important than improving their lives.

They have been carrying out mass killings. They have been also responsible for various violent acts where many civilians were killed and even the soldiers were executed. They think that they are the only believers of Islam and that all the others are unbelievers who wanted to destroy it. That is what they are using in justifying their acts no matter how brutal they are. Even some of the Muslim suffers a lot from them.

Some people even said that the reason they are doing those acts is because they wanted others to fear them and at the same time, to impress their new recruits. Their initial focus is to dominate Iraq. As they have taken over Syria’s oil fields, they have been reaping all the benefits from it by selling it off for a cheaper to whoever is willing to pay for it. The group has even tried trading raw material and sell antiques from the areas under their control. Some of the officials of Iraq even said that the group has been receiving funds and support from those operators who are politically engaged.

While some might think that they are just like normal individuals who know how to fight, that is not the case. In fact, they are experienced when it comes to the battlefield in Syria. The group is composed of fighters who are always ready and willing to fight. Some were even trained overseas. This is the reason why they have conquered a lot of places and the reason why various countries have been wanting to face them. It is still unclear as to when they would be stopping in doing their acts not only in the mentioned countries but in all the other countries in the whole world as well.