Have you watched the Movie Marrying the Mafia? Or have you been tongue –tied with the character of Vivian in the Lovers of Paris? If so, you are probably an avid fan of Kim Jung Eun. Known for her unique approach in all her roles, Kim Jung Eun is one of the most promising Korean stars in the industry.

Kim Jung Eun is a versatile Korean actress who has already established a vivid and long career. Because of her passion and excellence when it comes to acting out her roles in movies, there is no denying the fact that she is already one of the undisputed stars in the landscape of Korean movies. This prodigal actress was born on March 4, 1976 in South Korea particularly in Seoul.

The career of Kim Jung Eun has begun in 1995. Since she has already been doing career for a couple of decades, it is not a surprise that she has already mastered the art of acting regardless of genres. Kim Jung Eun can do both romantic, comedy and heavy drama shows. This is one of the reasons why she is considered as one of the most versatile actress in Korea.

Way back in 1997, Kim Jung Eun has played a character as her first show in television which is entitled Star in My Heart. If you are familiar with this TV show, you can easily discern that this woman has a very strong passion when it comes to acting. A lot of experts that Kim Jung Eun will experience a dramatic fame in the industry and based on her achievements, these predictions are indeed certain.

All throughout the 1990s, she also was a part of different shows such as Days of delight and Sunflower. After that, in 200os, more and more fans are already getting amazed of Kim Jung Eun not only because of her passion and skills in acting but most especially because of her likeable personality. Two years later, she has starred on of her most popular movies which is called Marrying the mafia. Just in case you are not yet aware, this movie was really a big hit to many people. This is one of the most considerable indications that she was meant for a very significant role in the industry of Korean films.

Aside from wide varying popular show and movies, she has also ventured in the music show industry. With that being said, way back this 2008; she has started to host her own show which has been dubbed as Kim Jung Eun’s chocolate. And just this 2012, she has also acted into a couple of television shows- Ohlala Couple and Korean Peninsula.

There you have it- some of the most remarkable achievements of Kim Jung Eun. With a number of successful shows and movies that she has already made, there is no doubt she has gained many awards, too. With this, Kim Jung Eun is really one of the most excellent Korean actresses and she really deserves the trust of her worldwide fans.