A glass of fine wine is a great way to end a hard and way too long week. It’s also a great way to make a perfect dinner even more perfect. And if you drink wine at home there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a stubborn cork at least once or twice before. Sure, even the most stubborn corks can be defeated with a decent corkscrew, but there are situations where there’s no corkscrew around and you still need to open a bottle. That’s what this video is for. It will show you how to open a wine bottle easily without a corkscrew.

All you need is one strong key and a dishcloth or another piece of material for your hands.

Just note that this trick most likely won’t work on actual corks and will work the best with synthetic corks. Actual cork, especially if the bottle is sealed for a couple of years, will most likely break apart once you start rotating the key.

Here’s how this trick works:
First push your key into the cork on an angle. Keep pushing it until all of the teeth are in. Use the dishcloth while pushing to make this easier on your hands.
Once the key is allin, push the key and rotate it with your thumbs to break the seal between the bottle and cork.
At this point rotating the cork should become easier so keep rotating and slowly lifting the key at the same time.
When the cork is far enough out, just grab it with your hand and remove it.

Genius, isn’t it?